Sunday, 4 April 2010

Nestability Envelope

If you had any idea how long this has taken me to make this post you would wonder why I hadn't given up! The reason that I haven't given up is that I am so excited to share this that I couldn't possibly wait another day to get advice from my blogging friend! I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY OWN LAPTOP BACK! I hate having to rely on family members to show me,technophobe ,where my uploaded photos are hiding on this flipping computer!!!!!!!

I found a brilliant little blog the other day called "On The Cards"
I do hope that my attempts to link to it work out as she collects all number of crafty ideas together,adapts them and links you to them.Anyway,today she posted these cute little packets which she filled with choccie bunnies,I couldn't wait to have a try. When I folded my square of paper into the diaper fold that was demonstrated,I realised that at last I had found a fantastically simple solution to my problem of finding an envelope for the Nestability cards that I'm so fond of making.

To make an envelope to fit the largest size of the Nestability scalloped circle you have to start with a 11" square of paper,when the diaper fold is completed (please refer to the link) I folded over the two triangles of paper like the flap on an envelope and scored them I then re opened the triangles and trimmed off the front triangle leaving a small front edge which I then used my Martha Stewart punch along.I will use my glue runner or strips of double sided tape to seal my envelope.

The triangle that I removed I glued inside the back triangular flap to make the liner to my envelope flap. I then used the next size down scalloped circle to cut a circle for the front of my envelope to write the address on.

Thankyou so much Diane of On The Cards I am very pleased to be able to share this Idea with everyone that visits my blog.
Happy Easter everyone,I do hope that you are able to follow my addaptation to make this handy envelope,
Thanks for stopping by,
Julie x


Di said...
Hi Julie i'm just as bad as you with computers, above is a link which helped me with links only instead of the globe icon blogger has "link" to click on.Hope this helps. your link has worked fine though and thanks very much fo doing this. No creation is brand new, it's all been done before but i like to link to the person who has jogged my memory. I'm off to explore your blog now. Di.xx

Di said...

P.S love your blog i've become a follower so i don't miss anything.I hope that link works for you i'll check back when my comment i published. Di.

gayle said...

I love this envelope Julie and i'm off to explore the link. Hope you had lots of eggs!!