Sunday, 6 June 2010

Something Different

Haven't had the chance to make any cards this weekend,life seems to have taken over a bit,with three children there's always someone needing taking here or there,parties to attend,new clothes to be bought,you know what it's like I'm sure. I wanted to check out my blog earlier on this evening though,couldn't be bothered to get out my own laptop so logged on to the family one which was already turned on. Somehow I managed to enter my blog name wrongly and, you know when it comes up with options of names,well someone called Julie who had made a Rainbow Flowered crochet cushion came up, well I just had to check it out.
It was beautiful,a real blast from the past. I used to love crochet,made hundreds of colourful squares making blankets for dolls. The last thing I can remember making was a lemon cot blanket when I was expecting my eldest. On Julia Crosslands blog she had pictures of "Crochet Heart Bunting" with a pattern of how to make it. No guesses as to what I did next!

I crocheted this tiny little heart using embroidery silks as I have loads of it,took me a while to locate a crochet hook and I am a bit out of practice but I think it would be a great little accessory to put on a card,wish I'd seen this before I entered my card for the Shabby Tea Rooms "Card with Heart" challenge this week. The heart is not much bigger than a £2 coin and only took a few minutes to make.(Appologies for the slightly out of focus photo)
Go On,get out those crochet hooks and have a go!!!!!
Catch you later,


Julia said...

Hello Julie :D

Thank you very much for visiting my little blog today, and for sharing the picture of your crochet heart which I think is brilliant!! Also thank you for the link, that was kind of you to do that!
Isn't there such a lot of gorgeous inspiration out there on the net? Im always amazed at the talent and skill you can find, and Im never stuck for ideas, in fact I have a project Wish List as long as my arm!
Im happy you were inspired to crochet again, looking forward to seeing what you do next!

Much love
Julia x x x

Sue Upson said...

Wow! You are brave! I've never done anything like that before, and not sure I'd have the bottle to either! It looks lovely though, and would look great on a card as a unique embelishment xx

gayle said...

Pretty little heart Julie. Looking forward to seeing how you use it. x

Eileen said...

Know what you mean abt life taking over !! Before I retired I heard the usual " I am too busy to go to work" and I remember thinking as I slogged away at my 45 hours a week ....utter tosh!!
Glad to say it's true!!

I am after a favour please...Karen is coming to me on sat to work on 'things crafty' for our crop ...we have a make and take .... we would like to do that large Sunflower you have on here did the tutorial and it looks fab that ok?

many thanks Eileen x p.s love the heart !

Linda Robinson said...

How pretty! I have been dabbling a little with crochet flowers for my card.. I never even thought of hearts.. Thanks