Thursday, 19 August 2010


I don't think I can do this anymore, with going on holiday I didn't craft for nearly 3 weeks and I think I've lost the ability. What does everyone else do I wonder, when their creativity is stunted? I think that the real problem is that I'm not getting the time to just play,you know,the just cos I want to time,when accidents happen that really work! (Have I lost you here?)
Anyway,I've still got a few cards to make that I need to make for birthday over the next week or so and then I think I'm going to have some real playing time.

I'm really not sure about this card,I followed the Sweet Sunday sketch 81,I thought I could do it but I don't know if it's the paper or what but I feel it's off balance. I tried laying other papers etc. around it,asked my daughter who's got a good creative eye,what she thought but she dissagreed and said it was fine as it was.(I'm still not convinced)
The Image is another from my trusty Marij Rahder sets,Suzy 6 again today,I stamped it and coloured it with copics I had to cut it out as I managed to use a corner punch wrong,missing part of it,there was no other way to rescue it but to mount it and in fact I think it's better raised on a foam pad,not that it shows in the photo lol!

I used clippunches to cut the flowers,I've had these for nearly 5 years and think I've only used them once.You have to punch the slots then cut the flower out around it. The rather colourful paper (which I think caused most of my problem) is salsa Celebration paperz by Junkitz,it's remnant from a class kit from ages ago. I'm using this card for the following challenges:-
Alphabet Challenge,P is for punches,
YNS challenge 23,Bold,Bright,Summery,
Lets hope I do better with my next card!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my non stop ramblings today,hope it hasn't put you off dropping by tomorrow,


Julie said...

I quite like your colourful card, but I do know what you mean about just having time to play being when you get those happy accidents.

Linda Robinson said...

What a cute card... That little image is perfect for this card... When I lose my "what I like to call MOJO" I look through crafting magazines.....
I hope you have a wondrful day! Hugs, Linda

Mina said...

I dont think theres anything wrong with your mojo Julie...when I struggle with mine I either give my craft stuff a clean out and come across loads I have forgotten I had or have a rummage through my papers they always inspire me...I love this card its so colourful, bright and cheerful
Mina xxx

Sue Upson said...

Hi Julie, I think your daughter is right and your card is just fine!
Know what you mean though, my mojo went off for a walkabout last night and I spent an hour pushing bits of paper about before giving up.. I'm not sure if its back yet... eek!

Sue xx

Joni Parker said...

Very the colors.. Thanks for sharing with us at Alphabet Challenge!

Di said...

Hi Julie, i got myself in the same state with my blog. when i first started i had a couple of hundred photos in picasa of stuff i'd made so it was dead easy to post every day. then they ran out,eek!I found that making 7 items per week was draining my mojo and turning my hobby into a job.So now i only make 4 or 5 items at the most and post them as and when. result? Less stress, more mojo. Ignoe the ratings button.I'm slipping down slowly but i don't care. Love the card by the way, nice and colourfull. Di,xx

Di said...

Thanks for calling on my blog. i have never entered any challenges in case i get caught in that particular trap.There is a lady called Helen, her blog "it's all fiddle fart" is in my sidebar. Have a quick look. She dare's to stay away from the bandwagon and just does what the hell she wants and because of that i can't wait to see what she's done every morning,very refreshing, and she still posts her naff stuff and laughs about it,lol.Her blog rating? Number 4. Says it all. Di.xx

vicky said...

I love this card Julie I think it's just perfect as it is :-) I have absolutely no time to play these days so only get the chance at class wish there were more hours in every day!! xx

Lesley said...

Lovely card! Thanks for taking part in the Alphabet Challenge xx