Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Sticky Business

Today sees the new theme at 
 and this time "Team Lou" 
want to see creations using stickers or Washi tape.

Now, I rather love Washi tape, I've got drawers of the stuff, the fact that nowadays you can pick it up in Sainsburys and Marks and Spencers means that a little treat can sometimes just find it's way into my basket along with non craft shopping.

By laying strips of scrummy goodness onto copier paper I was able to punch out flowers, thus giving a perfect match to the tape on my card.

So thanks to Lou's challenge theme I have made a little space in my drawer for my next washi buy.

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Chris said...

Such a treat ( before I go to bed and try to sleep in this heat!)- an unmistakeable 'Julie card'! Love the shape and design, the way you've used the washi tape is so clever - love the result!

Aileen (mum) said...

This is such a pretty card. i love how you used the washi tape. I dont know if its a stamp or handdrawn but the black outline with theline then dots looks brilliant. If you draw that yourself you have wonderful control. It all looks so perfect and similar. Wonderful card

Sarah Nancarrow said...

Love this idea for flowers!!! They look fabulous, and the purple really compliments them :)

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

LOVE the way you used your Washi Tape Julie. So so cool. I never would have thought to do this. It looks brilliant! Love your beautiful card. Gorgeous hun. Hugs, Wends x