Thursday, 17 April 2014

Let's Pretend!

Let's pretend that this is the first time!

Let's pretend you've never seen a card like this before!

Pretend that when you called by the other week that you didn't see

After all, they are all unique lol!

And if you'd actually seen them for real these two 
are considerably smaller than the first one I made lol!

I'm using this card for the following challenges:-
PWC306, Masculine,
ABC, Just as you like it,
EAC, Anything goes.

I apologise in advance that there is every chance that there will be more cards, similar but unique lol! I can't help it, as the mother of an Eighteen year old boy, I get lots of requests for cards for his friends and now that I have it saved to file it's a relatively quick make.

Anyway, that's it for today,
Thanks for stopping by,


Wendy McCarthy said...

These are fab cards! Love the papers you have used, great colours! Xx

aileen (mum) said...

Never apologise for your artistic talent. Each is unique and beautiful to look at.

Claire said...

I don't care how many times I see them Julie - it's a fab design using fab bright papers. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Claire x

Chris said...

Well, Julie, when you have a fabulous design like this why change it!!?? It looks great in all the colours :) Have a lovely Easter Weekend.

Wendy Nicola Jackson said...

Why mess with a recipe that works?! Happy Easter Julie. Hugs, Wends x

Barbara said...

I love these cards, and never get sick of seeing them, they're all different anyway ;-) Happy Easter xx

coops said...

love these Julie.fantastic shape and the bright papers are stunning :D

xx coops xx

Nancy in Iowa said...

Uniquely awesome! Can I fly over to your home for lessons? I'll bring the coffee and matching jammie pants!

Alrik Gerlach said...

Very nice project. The colors are beautiful.