Sunday, 16 May 2010

Sunflower Nestie Card Tutorial

Well,here's the card that I showed you last weekend,and hopefully this post will show you how I made it.

I started of with a 14cm square card base. You then lay the die so that 3 scallops are above the fold.Draw around it using a pencil. I used the second biggest scalloped circle for this card.

Then move the die and draw around it again as shown below. Once you have tried this technique a few times you will probably get away with just marking the place where the circles overlap.

Then with a B cutting pad in place you need to put the card and die on the cutter ready to cut the top fold edge of the card.Place cutting pad A up to where the circles first meet,run this through the cuttlebug. When the die is removed the cut will only be made up to this point.

Roughly trim the edges around the drawn shape so that when the card is repositioned at an angle it feeds through the cutter without folding the edges.
repeat the process twice more remembering to only place the cutting mat up to the point where the circles meet.

You should now be able to remove the surplus card.If the cuts don't quite meet,use scissors or a scary blade (I obviously only use scissors lol) to snip to join the cuts.

I generally use the front of the cut as the back of the card as the slightly embossed edge looks more appealing to the eye. (The area that at the moment has the pencil marks on it).

Cut out three scalloped circles and snip into the card as shown.I slightly distress the edges with distress ink.

Cut three circles and shape slightly to raise the centre.

I haven't got a large ball embossing tool but I find that I get a good effect by using a double layer of foam and rubbing quickly and firmly around the edges of the circle using the back of my nail.

The petals look good if they are slightly shaped,(I find that shaping them backward gives a good result)

The card can then be assembled. I find a glue runner gives the best result though I did use wet glue today as I've lost my runner somewhere under the piles of paper etc that cover my desk.
Only put glue on the centre segment of the flowers so that you are able to place the leaves between the flower and the card base afterwards.
I used a big sizzix die to cut the 5 leaves that I used.

And there it is,the finished card,easy once you know how.
WARNING ! I know that this way of using the cutter is probably not recommended but then if I hadn't taken the risk I wouldn't have made this lovely card. My die did slightly bend when I used the cutting pad on only part of it but it did go back into shape again when I cut the Yellow circles. Let me know if you have a go at making one of these cards so that I can visit your blog to have a look,I've also used this technique to make a double heart card and the other bright flower card that I posted a few days ago. Please mention my little blog and link my tutorial if you like.
Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.
Thanks for stopping by,
Julie x

If you are calling by after 1st of September 2010,Please take a moment to check this out as there's a new card challenge that you might like to enter! thanks, Julie.x


Eileen said...

Cheers Julie, I am going to have ago at this ....Karen & I are spending some crafty time together over the bank hol.....we will make one then and let you know how we get on ...Eileen xxx

Squirrel x said...

Wow hun! What a totally fabulous sunflower card - stunning effect, love it. I do think you are brave with your Bug though! Hugs, Squirrel xx

New Nanny said...

Lovely card Julie and a great tutorial. Hope to see many more:) xx

Meahni said...

How clever is that! Well done.

Annika said...

Thank you! You're right - it sounds easy, once you know how! lol I LOVE the idea!

Jeanie said...

I LOVE IT!! Is this just too cute or what Julie!! I would have NEVER thought of that! What a GREAT idea and a BEAUTIFUL card too! TFS

Ikki said...

Julie, I owe you an apology because I never replied to your query as to whether I had seen this done before. I had lost your contact and have only just found you again through Eileen. I have seen shaped cards cut on the fold and have done them myself, but not quite like this. I will save the details and contact you again soo. Perhaps you would like me to put the card in my Followers Gallery. You would have to do nothing, I would pick up your photo and post on my blog with a link back to you so peeps could read your tutorial. There are only two things I ask, l)that you are a Cupboard follower and 2)that when I post your card you mention the Cupboard to your readers with a link. The reason I do this is to promote awareness of the Bug to as many as possible. I will be on holiday soon, but if you would like to do this let me know and I will get back to you. Thanks ikki

ikki said...

Hi Julie, I owe you an apology, I had not forgotten about your sunflower card, but I had lost you because I somehow inadvertently cleared my emails! Thanks for getting in touch again and I would like to use this. I think what happened was I had a number of FFG cards lined up, and then went on holiday. After my holiday the EIDT came up and I was thrown in to samples, samples and more samples! You were in the back of my mind, but I didn't know how to find you, so from your comment I guessed it was you. Thanks for getting in touch, are you okay with me posting one of your cards this week, I will do the other later! Sorry, for the confusion, ikki

Ger said...

This is really beautiful but I've only just got my Cuttlebug and may stick to the basics for a week or two before I try this. But I will try this! It's gorgeous!

Ger x.

Anonymous said...

Just seen this awesome Idea!! well done very effective and so clever you! xx